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Local business marketing tips

Local business marketing helps you attract patients in your community, Yes, but how exactly can you get started? Let’s say there is more than one reason that you’d like to partner with one or more companies in your community as their company doctor or so (the point is, you have a list of employees or you have a group of employees that you want to effectively attract to your practice or hospital). Your local business marketing should begin by putting these companies’ names on paper, make a list. Now, take time to double-check with your staff—chances are they have good ideas or some connections through friends, neighbors, family, or social acquaintances to help you make your first step.

The following tactics can be appropriate to one or more targeted group, however, if done properly, you will get results:

  • Find out who among the staff from the company (or companies) can point you to the decision-makers within the business. It’s often the General Manager, but depending on the nature of the request, the Administrator or human resources manager can be the right person to speak with. Always remember to discuss the benefits you can provide to BOTH the employer and employees. This is key.
  • Now, book an appointment to meet with that person to discuss health opportunities you can offer them, participate in any health fairs or appropriate activities organized by such companies.
  • Don’t go to that meeting empty-handed, get some brochures available as a “take one” in company common areas. You can also create a special brochure for this company and have them inserted into pay envelopes or mailboxes. Ensure to include: special offer “for employees of XYZ Company.” and let you contact details be well written,
  • If it is a big company or dominant in your community, you can direct some of your general media advertising to specifically target the employees of the company.

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