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Google ads is a platform created by Google for online advertisement. Google adverts on websites, videos, mobile apps, etc. These ads pop up whenever someone searches for products similar to the product or service you are offering.

The said ads are priced pay-per-click. Whenever a customer clicks on a Google ad containing your product advert you will be charged.

How do I create a Google ads account?

Google ads creation requirements are as followed:

  • Google requires you first of all to have an email address and a business website. You can however use the smart campaign option if you don’t have a website yet.
    • These accounts can be customized using the information provided about your business
  • Instructions
    • It requires you to enter your email to enable you to sign up for your Google ogle ads account. Preferably, use a Gmail account.
    • Google will require you to enter your business website address
    • Sign in using your Google Account.

Advantages of using Google ads

Google ads help your business grow in rapid and amazing ways. More people are drawn to your website whenever an advert for your product comes up on Google ad. Google Ad makes contact between you and your prospective customers much easier. More visitors to your site automatically translate to more sales for you.

Google ads use an option known as pay per click (PPC) which works in such a way that you get maximum gain for your adverts. Its advantages include:

  • You can set a budget schedule for your advertisement
  • Your payment is not based on what you make on sales but by the number of clicks you get
  • Results are based on keywords so it is very fast
  • You can reach out to target customers.
  • Results are easy to track down using PPC

Reviews for Google AdWords

Google pay-per-click adverts have gotten several positive reviews from users.

-The co-founder and chief revenue officer of auto retouch has this to say

“They make their client’s success theirs to priority. They are a trusted advisor and we are quite happy with them.”

-The founder, Nature Gains LLC is happy they kept the company’s budget in mind: “I appreciated that they kept my budget in mind so I don’t have to spend money unnecessarily.”

Google is sure to give you your money’s worth of advertisement.

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