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SEO managers, do you know who your friends are? Digital marketing is a highly networked field. You may not have a lot of conversation with your direct competitors, but SEO is so complex that no one individual can know everything, so a lot if ideas and information is exchanged. This is a two-edged sword because SEO managers, like the rest of society, comes in all stripes. Some are willing to do the hard work of optimizing their digital products in an ethical way; while others have no problem engaging in black hat practices. They often make it sound like a shortcut to improve your rankings, when in reality, black hat techniques can hurt your SEO more than they can help.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is a cunningly devised set of practices that uses deceitful techniques in an effort to “fool” search engines into boosting a website’s search rankings. Search engine algorithms are designed to respond to searcher intent. Black hat SEO has no concern for this and attempts to bypass best practices by cheating the system. Just like a burglar who is eventually going to get caught, companies that practice black hat SEO techniques are eventually is discovered, black hat SEO tactics can actually hurt your long-term SEO much more than it can help. Black hat SEO can harm your website and your brand in multiple ways. Ask yourself, “Do I want to be the one who is responsible for my company website being blacklisted by Google?”

What happens to black hat websites?

Being blacklisted or caught using black hat techniques can be devastating for a company website. Consider some of the things that could happen:

  • It can lead to lower search rankings
  • A site could disappear from search results entirely
  • Many black hat tactics create a poor user experience, causing users to leave a page
  • It can make your brand look spammy and untrustworthy

To avoid alienating both search engines and customers, focus on white hat SEO techniques or consult with a reputable SEO consultant company.

Search engine marketing by a Charlotte SEO expert

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